22 Air Rifle Pellets

Looking for .22 air rifle pellets? At Countryway Gunshop, many of our team are seasoned shooters themselves, with the knowledge and practical experience to know what’s best.

Of course, all shooters have their favourite choice of pellets – which is why we stock all popular choices, from leading manufacturers such as:

H&N, Bisley, Webley, RWS, JSB pellets, Wasp and Daystate.

From light and precise pellets for plinking to hollow points for close range pest control, our range of .22 air rifle pellets will have something to suit you. All aerodynamically designed and carefully selected, these pellets should be consistently accurate with maximum force. The range includes:

  • Domed pellets – ideal for general shooting and all-round performance as they cut through the air
  • Pointed pellets – originally designed for hunting
  • Hollow points – spread on impact, best used at close range
  • Flat-headed pellets – suited to casual and competitive target shooting

Your choice of air rifle pellet impacts on your shoot, as it’s the crucial link between you and the target. It can make all the difference. .22 is a relatively large and heavy calibre, imparting a lot of energy. It’s the ideal choice for those times when you need a clean shot.

Start browsing and order today for quick delivery from Countryway Gunshop.

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