Browning Shotguns

Keeping over 50 Browning guns in stock at any one time, Countryway Gunshop are proud to be a leading stockist of this prestigious brand. The American company is iconic, well-known for shotguns of exceptional quality and revolutionary construction, including the world’s first over and under shotgun.

The inventiveness of the founder, John Moses Browning, still lives on today. For shooting experts around the world, Browning shotguns offer good balance and proportion, not to mention a pleasing design. The standards set by Browning are among the best.

Pleasurable shotguns to own and shoot, we keep everything from 12 bore, 20 bore and 410 in stock. Our range also includes:

Both left and right handed Browning shotguns
Over and unders
Side by sides

With Countryway Gunshop, you’ll find the original 725 and the variations that followed, including the popular and stylish 725 Black Edition, as well as the Ultra XS, 525 and A5 Semi Auto. For premium performance, you can’t get much better than a Browning shotgun.

We cater for all types of shooters, so get in touch with our gun sales team for our best advice – and prices. With sporting season coming up, get prepared with our complete range of shotguns, accessories and country clothing.

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