JSB Exact 177 Air Rifle Pellets

JSB Exact Diabolo 177 Air Rifle Pellets 4.50 / 4.51 / 4.52 / 4.53 x500

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JSB Exact 177 Air Rifle Pellets

8.44 Grain

4.50 / 4.51 / 4.52 / 4.53

Highly Accurate Pellet


Product Description

JSB Exact 177 Air Rifle Pellets 4.50 / 4.51 / 4.52 / 4.53

JSB Exact 177 air rifle pellets are one of the most popular pellets within the target shooting community.

These JSB Exact 177 air rifle pellets weigh 8.44 grain. Domed headed pellets are a good general all round pellet.

They are available in 4.50, 4.51, 4.52 and 4.53 head sizes. 4.52 is the most popular head size, but each rifle is different and may prefer a different type. JSB .177 sample pellet test tins are available. Furthermore, these JSB Exact test tins will allow you to test the different variety of pellets through your rifle.

Each JSB Exact pellet is hand sorted and as a result they are all equal. You will get approximately 500 pellets per tin.

JSB air rifle pellets are made to the highest standards. When purchasing JSB Exact pellets you will be buying one the most consistent as well as accurate air rifle pellets available on the market.

JSB Air Rifle Pellet Options

Domed Headed pellets are ideal for all general shooting and pest control.

Pointed air rifle pellets are more suited for bird pest control.

Hollow Point pellets are best used for close range pest control. Ideally up to 15m.

Flat Headed pellets are generally used for target practice.

Due to Age Restrictions on the sale of Air Rifle Pellets, by purchasing these pellets you are confirming you are aged 18 or over.

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14 reviews for JSB Exact Diabolo 177 Air Rifle Pellets 4.50 / 4.51 / 4.52 / 4.53 x500

  1. Don (verified owner)

    JSB Exact Diabolo .177 Air Rifle Pellets, these pellets are so consistently accurate, clean to use also very popular with FT shooters, if its your first time to use JSB and unless you know what your barrel likes then I would try a sample pack of each caliber 4.50 / 4.51 / 4.52 / 4.53
    most shooters I know favor the 4.52.

    I must ad that country way gunshop are top sellers with fast shipping service,

  2. chrisbaker42 (verified owner)

    I chose to use Countryway on recommendation from the Airgun forum and of course on price. I chose the JSB Exact 4.51 pellets as I had previously been using AA Field 4.51’s. The delivery was quick and the tins well protected, on opening a tin I found the pellets were in above average condition with not a single damaged skirt. This finding was a surprise to me when compared to pellets from other sources. This good feeling about the pellets quickly disappeared as soon as I started using them, my previously very accurate HW100 (usually giving sub 5p size groupings) was suddenly giving shots 2 inches apart. On the suggestion of Paul at Countryway I accepted his gift of a small number of JSB Exact 4.52 pellets to try and I was amazed at the difference. My gun is back to shooting very tight groups thanks to both the excellent condition of the JSB pellets and the service of Countryway. My order will now be increased and I will carry on using their services for the forseeable future.

  3. chrisbaker42 (verified owner)

    A follow up on my previous review, on opening the tin I was happy to find once again that there was neither swarf or damaged skirts in sight, a completely clean tin of pellets. It took a few pellets to re-zero the scope as I had decided to move its position but following that I shot three full fourteen pellet magazines at three seperate 1cm targets and all but one shot was well within the confines of the designated target. I think I can now happily say that my HW100 does indeed like JSB Exact 4.52 pellets.

    Thanks once again for the excellent service from Countryway in helping me to find the correct pellets for my gun.

  4. pat (verified owner)

    jsb`s .177 excellent pellets excellent price,many thanks to countryway gunshop for their excellent service.

  5. hydraglide (verified owner)

    Bought some of these after visiting CW for the first time. Pellets are excellent, and the price is great, almost half the price I used to pay.

  6. rwf1966 (verified owner)

    These pellets are excellent, the cheapest price i could find on the web.They arrived within 2 days of ordering and were well packaged but 1 tin was badly dented thanks Royal Mail ! Will defo order from this website again thanks Countrywaygunshop.

  7. chrisbaker42 (verified owner)

    Another update, I have now tried the 4.53’s which are for my gun a slight improvement over the 4.52’s, same great quality with slightly tighter groups.

  8. David (verified owner)

    Excellent pellets. Brilliant price. Efficient Seller. Lightening fast delivery. Why buy pellets anywhere else?

  9. graham

    great pellets,fast post and a great price.

  10. Jon (verified owner)

    Great pellets been using the 4.53 and working great in bsa ultra on 3rd tin now. Great price and super service

  11. mark w

    The penetration on pest control is very impressive one shot will despatch the vermin as humanely as is possible… very impressed with there performance. If u want to dispatch that pest these are the ones to use…

  12. Ian Causton (verified owner)

    Great pellets, awesome delivery time. And price is better than I can get from my club.
    Will be using again and recommending.

  13. B.K

    Don’t have any problems with these, every brand gets the odd flyer, athough my garden only allows me 20yd shooting, 5 shots each using two different air guns (Tx200 + 97K) so both springers , shooting at a 6mm polo target gave me 6 clean shots that fully lifted the flap open and sitting at the top and 4 shots that sent enough lead through the 6mm hole to 3/4 lift the flap, so from 10 unsorted pellets, I’m not complaining about any accuracy or cinonsistency .,also delivered withing 2 days, ordered at night, dispatched the next day, recdeived the following day, brilliant stuff.

  14. Paul Munro (verified owner)

    Great value, easy to order, arrived quickly, correct sizing and in good condition. Excellent.

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