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Gun Shop in Kent offer one of the largest stock of Airguns in the UK. We stock air rifles and air pistols from all of the leading manufactures which include:

Airguns, Weihrauch, BSA, Hatsan, Kral, Stoeger, Crosman and Air Arms air rifles.

Our largest stock of Co2 pistols come from Umarex, with their most popular air pistols being Beretta, Walther and Glock. Umarex make some of the best and most popular co2 pistols on the market and have licences to make a number of pistols under licence. Other popular air pistol manufactures include Sig Sauer, Weihrauch and Crosman.

We stock a large selection of airguns which are suitable for both newcomers and shooting enthusiasts alike. If you are looking to get in to shooting sports, an air rifle or air pistol is a great way to get started.

Air Rifles


There is a wide range of air rifles available, and from a selection of rifle calibers, including .177 .22 .20 and .25. Depending on whether you are looking to do pest control, target shooting, or back garden shooting, we have an air rifle to suit your shooting style.

You can also choose between a spring break barrel air rifle or a pre-charged PCP air rifle. With such a large range of air rifles for sale please take a look at our air rifles page for a more in depth explanation of airguns.

Air Pistols


With quite a selection of Air Pistols on the market, you will need to be sure to get the correct one for the type of shooting you would like to do. Air Pistols are available as CO2, Spring, PCP or Pneumatic.

Most CO2 Pistols will be low power at approximately 1-2 ftlb, these are generally the replica pistols, multi shot, which are great fun for target shooting in the garden.

The majority of spring pistols will be break barrel, but there are a few which are loaded by cocking the top of the pistol. Pneumatic pistols are also cocked this way. The best spring pistol on the market in our opinion is the Weihrauch HW45.

PCP pistols do not have any recoil and are popular with target shooting. Most 10m target shooting will be done with a PCP pistol.

If you would like any help choosing the right air rifle of pistol then please get in touch.

You can get in touch by phone: 01732870023
or using our live chat function on our website.

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