Air Pistols

Whether shooting is your hobby, your sport or a necessity for pest control, we have air pistols to suit you, including low-cost spring pistol and CO2 replica pistols.

At Countryway Gunshop, we’ve always got our eye out for quality craftsmanship and stock air pistols from prolific gun manufacturers such as:

Dan Wesson, Beretta, Colt, Weihrauch, Gamo,Sig Sauer, Walther, Umarex and Webley.

What air pistol is right for me?

We look for a balance of power, accuracy and durability in authentic-looking guns when deciding what to stock. Understanding the nuances of the different models comes down to what you’re going to use the gun for.

For casual shooters, there’s a huge choice because you won’t need the same high velocity pistols as someone would for pest control. Authentic designs, semi-automatics, small builds – you’ve got the pick of the bunch.

Most CO2 pistols produce approximately 1-2 ftlb, which is ideal for plinking at targets and not suitable for pest control. Some spring and pneumatic pistols are 5.5 ftlb, which are powerful enough for small pest control up to 10-15m.That should arm you with a powerful pellet gun without upgrading to a rifle – when the time comes to buy an air rifle, we also offer a great choice of air rifles.

For competitive shooters, compare all the features of each pistol. Pneumatic firing systems, tactical accessory rails, double magazines and adjustable trigger pulls are all popular. The choice can impact your shoot in subtle and bold ways.

Start browsing our range of air pistols today and contact the team on 01732 870023 or email with any queries. With a huge selection, we’ll be able to pair you with the right gun.

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