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GameKeeper EVO Cartridge Bag 100


Quick Overview

The Beretta Gamekeeper EVO Cartridge Bag 100 is a compact cartridge bag designed for hunters who need to carry a smaller amount of shotgun shells.

Product Description

  • Capacity: Holds 4 boxes of 25 cartridges each, for a total of 100 shotgun shells.
  • Material: Made from lightweight, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant 500x300 denier polyester for durability in outdoor environments.
  • Padding: Lightly padded to offer some protection for the cartridges and maintain the bag's shape.
  • Carrying Options: Features a padded carrying handle for comfortable hand carrying.
  • Compact Size: Ideally suited for hunters who prefer a smaller, lightweight option that doesn't take up much space
  • GUN ROOM & CLOTHING: 01732 841311
    AIR RIFLES, CARTRIDGES & CLAYS: 01732 870023
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