fx panthera hunter

FX Panthera Hunter


Quick Overview

The FX Panthera Hunter isn’t just a PCP air rifle – it’s a predatory pursuit of perfection. Crafted for hunters and serious target shooters, this beast of accuracy and power delivers unmatched performance in a sleek and user-friendly package.


Product Description

  • Pinpoint Precision: Over-the-barrel plenum and Superior STX barrel ensure exceptional shot-to-shot consistency and tight groupings, even at far ranges.
  • Regulated Consistency: Dual regulated system guarantees unwavering power for confident performance, shot after shot.
  • Smooth Maneuvering: Side lever cocking action provides quiet and effortless cocking, minimizing fatigue and distraction.
  • Customizable Comfort: Adjustable cheek rest and length of pull on the ergonomic stock create a personalized fit for optimal comfort and control.
  • Picatinny Rail: Mount a scope, bipod, or other accessories for personalized functionality and enhanced performance.

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