rws supermag

RWS Supermag


Quick Overview

Conquer targets with the RWS Supermag, a heavyweight air rifle pellet designed for dominance. This powerhouse ammo, available in both .177 and .22 calibres, delivers exceptional penetration, knockdown power, and long-range accuracy, making it the ultimate choice for demanding shooters.

Product Description

  • Match-Grade Quality: RWS Supermag undergoes rigorous manufacturing processes for consistent weight, size, and shape, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy and repeatability.
  • Perfect for High-Powered Rifles: Designed specifically for air rifles capable of handling its heavier weight, the Supermag unlocks maximum power and performance from your equipment.
  • Available in .177 and .22 Calibers: Choose the perfect caliber to match your air rifle's specifications and target size for optimal results.
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