UX RaceGun Set

UX Race Gun Kit – 4.5mm BB Air Pistol


Quick Overview

Up your target practice game with the UX Race Gun Kit, a high-performance air pistol designed for precision and speed. This CO2-powered pistol delivers a realistic blowback action, simulating the firing experience of a real firearm. The crisp trigger pull and adjustable hop-up system ensure accurate shooting, while the 22-round magazine keeps you in the action.

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Product Description

  • Realistic blowback action: Enhances the shooting experience for improved training and target practice.
  • Superior accuracy: The adjustable hop-up system fine-tunes your shot placement for consistent bullseyes.
  • High-capacity magazine: The 22-round magazine minimizes reloading interruptions during training sessions.
  • CO2 powered: Provides quick and easy refills for extended shooting fun (CO2 cartridges not included).
  • Full-metal construction: Offers exceptional durability for long-lasting use.
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